Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gift Cards Again

Website of the week:


Gift Cards Again lets you buy, you guessed it, gift cards, for less than the actual face value, sometimes up to 20%. These gift cards were either given to someone as a gift and they don’t need to use it, or they have used part of it, and decided to sell the rest of the gift card to get cash. Websites like giftcardsagain.com buy them, and then sell them back to us with a smaller discount.

However, their gift cards collection is pretty small and a lot of the gift cards are out of stock. So even though they are one of the best websites, you may still have to rely on some other sites for savings. Also, if you want to buy these gift cards as a gift to someone, know that the PIN number’s protector layer has been scratched off.

I haven't used this site, but the next time I need to get someone a gift card I will def be checking out this site!

Similar sites are www.giftcards.com, www.giftcardbuyback.com, and www.citydeals.com.

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