Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 day's worth of TISHTS!

Last night we were at B-dubs with the Lamberts and Braden got chicken tenders and fries with ranch. He seems to be liking ranch more and more as he gets older. So, there he is, eating his chicken and fries, dipping both in the ranch, having a super time. Then, we look over and he has taken his straw out of his milk and then Chuck says:

- "Don't drink your ranch, okay?"

It was pretty funny, and that boy does like his ranch dressing!

Today, we had a lovely snack of cheese and apple slices. Braden also had a cup of apple juice, which apparently he was drinking rather quickly. When Chuck passed the baby over to me, Chuck had to say:

- "Don't burp on your sister!"

He thought it was hilarious, of course.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Bunny

So, the Easter Bunny came to visit our house and left many nice and yummy things for us and the kids. One thing I am unsure of is how to take this:

Why would the bunny leave us his poop?!?!?! A big pile of it?!?! What did we do to him??? Did we forget to put out carrots and milk on Easter Eve? Is it the number of Cadbury Eggs we consume? Is it because Braden got an "Easter bag" instead of an "Easter basket?"

I don't know what we did, but man I sure hope we figure it out before next year!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More TISHTS and a bonus

Today, I found myself saying:

- "No, you can't pick your sister's nose"


- "Where did your mustache go?"

Then tonight, while we were dancing in the living room (to Madonna's "Material Girl") Braden said, "Sophie's dancing with her tail!"
How cute! :)

Then we danced like robots.

Friday, April 10, 2009

You may be right, I may be crazy.......

but I TOTALLY want one of THESE!!!! How cool is this thing???